Thursday, February 7, 2013

Game Design Modulations

To make the game production process more practical, instead of making a fighting game which will require drawing a massive amount of sprites, the alternate plan is to make the game into a collection of mini games- for example, the first stage a quiz game, the second stage a hidden object game, the third a rhythm game...etc. Each new character in the stage challenges the protagonist into mini games, and if the protagonist wins, the character agrees to join the circus directed by the protagonist.

Possible format: Online flash game or stand-alone software on PC or Mac, or iPhone app

If made into computer software, the screen size will be 800x600 or 1024x768

Some ideas for the mini games that can be included:
(NPC- Non-player character, in this case the potential circus member)

quiz game (circus- related trivia)- answer at least 6 questions correctly in the 10 questions posted by NPC
hidden object game-find 6 or 12 objects to win game
rhythm game-memorize the sequence of sounds played by the NPC and click at the sounds in correct sequence
shooting game-NPC throws objects at the protagonist, and the player shoots them. earn enough points to win.
jigsaw puzzle-finish the puzzle in the time limit

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