Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Production Schedule

Act division:

Act 1: from title to entering hotel

cut1: thunder rolls (1st time)

cut2: the protagonist's shoe enters and leaves screen

cut3: thunder rolls (2nd time)

cut4: protagonist running, her face introduced the first time

cut5: thunder rolls, huge lightening (3rd time)

cut6: she stops, breathes heavily

cut7: she sees something, amazed expression

cut8: the hotel introduced in the background, her hair flying

cut9: close up expression shot: amazed but unsure what to do

cut10: lightening

cut11: she is astonished, covers her head

cut12: she sees the direction of the lightening for a second, then determines to go into the hotel

cut13: close-up of her starting to run again

cut14: she reaches her hand and grabs the handle of the hotel.

cut15: black out: transition

Act 2:

cut1: she enters the hotel, stumbles a bit

cut2: show the hotel interior from POV

cut3: suddenly a lock appears from the top and locks the door

cut4: She hears the lock clinking, turns around

cut5: Close-up of her hand on the handle

cut6: she panics and holds the door handle trying to open it

cut7: She sees the lock glowing and touches the lock

cut8: chandelier's candles blown off, turns into a small light ball

cut9: she sees the light ball and think that following it is the only way that can help her to get out

cut10: the light ball goes into the corridor and enters a door

cut11: transitions to side-scroll mode. she runs to the left, enters the corridor on the left hand side of screen

cut12: she sees the old wooden door and pushes the door in

cut13: transition: black out

Act 3:

cut1: when she enters the old door some ash falls from the top

cut2: she sneezes one time because of the ash

cut3: transition to side-scroll mode. she looks around, the walks to the left

cut4: she investigates the boiling pot

cut5: close-up of the key hanging on top of the pot

cut6: she slowly reaches her hand trying to get the key

cut7: a white hand formed by smoke grabs her hand

cut8: scared by the hand, she have got the key in her right hand and now protects it in front of her

cut9: the hand of smoke tries to get out from the pot

cut10: she turns her back and pushes the door open


cut1: a scenery of a waterfall and a suspension bridge jumps onto the screen.

cut2: She hesitates for a second,

cut3: but seeing that more and more smoke has came out of the pot, she steps onto the bridge.

cut4: close-up of her foot running

cut5: she looks back

cut6: the smoke that has turned into a figure, sad and crawling on the floor

cut7: Seeing that the figure doesn't seem to chase her, she hesitates for a moment

cut8: her foot gets stumbled by a piece of wood

cut9: she almost fall but grabs the rope on the side of the bridge

cut10: the wood board falls into the waterfall

cut11: She relieves, but has one last glance of the sad figure

cut12: Feeling complicated, she moves forward slower this time

cut13: full shot of the suspension bridge and her running

cut14: She finally reaches the other side of the suspension bridge, where there is a cave.

cut15: She runs into the cave, and she can see light from the end of it. POV


cut1: She returns to the hotel from the door she first entered the little dusty room

cut2: she now has the key, so she walks to the front door

cut3: she puts the key in

cut4: chains fall to the floor

cut5: door opens, bright light fills screen


cut1: camera pans from sky to the protagonist on the floor.

cut2: she wakes up, close up of her expression

cut3: full shot showing that the hotel has disappeared

cut4: bird eye view showing that she is close to the edge of a cliff and waterfall, like the one she has seen in the hotel


total cuts: 59
unfinished cuts: 47

Production Schedule:

time left: 15 weeks


Jan 12-18

Act 2-6: finish one key pose for every unfinished cut (47 cuts)
Finish Act 1: cut 10-13

Jan 19-25

animating act 2: cut 1-10
Sketch out ideas for press material

Jan 26-Feb 01

animating act 3: cut 1-10

Feb 02-08

animating act 04: cut 1-15
Sound design

Feb 09-15

animating act 05: cut 1-5, act 6: cut 1-4

Feb 16-22

colouring act 2: cut 1-10

Feb 23-Mar 01

colouring act 3: cut 1-10

Mar 02-Mar 08

colouring act 04: cut 1-15

Mar 09-15

colouring act 05: cut 1-5, act 6: cut 1-4

Mar 16-22

ending roll
All composed: music&sound design added

Mar 23-29

catching up, test rendering

Mar 30-Apr 5

catching up, listening to advices

Apr 6-Apr12

catching up
Problem solving

Apr 13-15

final render

Apr 20-26

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