Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Background Research

After watching several inspirational game videos (ex: Oboromuramasa) during summer, I've realized that my interest is on the background art of the games. Considering the game genres that enable me to focus on the backgrounds more, I've adjusted the project to be a side-scrolling adventure game. Instead of venturing through different towns, the story will happen on a cruise ship in order to make the art-making more manageable.

Style references:

The protagonist, Kirsikka, wakes up in her room on the cruise in the beginning. It is her first day on the cruise; she went on this seven day trip in order to have one chance to relax before going into her first career.

She goes through the corridor and sees an old and friendly cabin crew.

Uniform reference:

"Welcome to the Dreamscape cruise line. Have you had a good rest last night?" The player answers with yes or no. Yes-"I'm glad to hear that. Hope you have a good time in the following week with our cruise." No-"I'm sorry to hear that...Did the ship roll too much last night? I hope our service will make you forget the unpleasant experience."

The cruise has 12 floors, and the protagonist's room is on the 10th. 

When the player walks to the front deck, Kirsikka hears the singing voice of a young girl. She stops and listens quietly till the end of the song (10~30 seconds till the end?)

Kirsikka claps for the girl. The girl turns around and sees Kirsikka; she is surprised and embarrassed at the same time. When Kirsikka tries to approach her, she runs down the stairs on the other side of the deck to avoid Kirsikka.

If the player follows her behind, the player will see the girl running to her room with her parents opening the door for her.

The player will always have the freedom to walk around the ship. When the player walks into the library on the 6th floor, Kirsikka sees the same girl picking up a book.

As she realized Kirsikka is standing beside her, she apologizes for running away. "I...I'm sorry for running away earlier. I...am not used to being heard singing..." It depends on the player to either say nothing or to compliment her. If the player says nothing, the conversation will end. If the player compliments her, she'll reply with "Is- is that so? I-I'm not sure how to say this, but thank you..." and she leaves the scene half embarrassed yet half happy.

The next day, when Kirsikka visits the buffet,

she sees a 16-17 years old boy wearing headphones holding spoons and making sound from bowls and cups and glasses filled with water.

"Whoa!" he hides the spoons when he sees Kirsikka, "Don't tell the staffs!" Kirsikka shakes her head meaning she won't say anything. "Me? I'm just practicing my skills as a musician!" "Well...I know this cannot compete with the REAL musicians, but I like the sound of these guys." He hits one of the bowls making a single sound. "If there were a band where they accept this kind of instrument that'll be nice..." He then walks away.

Thinking back of the two people she met who likes music, Kirsikka begins to think that making them meet may be a good idea. Maybe they can even start a little band.

On her way back to her room she sees the old cabin crew again.  "Hello," he says. Kirsikka notices a piece of grass on his cleaner cart.

"What is this, you say? It's a musical instrument from my home country. An old tradition." He blows the leaf to show her the sound. "There are less and less people who learns how to blow the leave whistles." He shakes head with a mild smile. "Thankfully there are young people like you who is interested. Only if there are more people joining to gain this ability..." Hearing this makes Kirsikka's idea of making a music team more solid.

(to be continued)

The Division-an online game

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