Monday, September 9, 2013

Story Themes

When writing my story focusing on the interactions of characters, the elements of conflict must come into play to make obstacles for the characters. In the meantime, I want the story to include these themes:

Friendship: the protagonist meets other characters on a cruise, and after the cruise trip ends they will all return to their normal life and may never meet again. They will learn to treasure a short time together.

Self confidence: The characters the protagonist meets are all ametuers who enjoy what they do, but are somehow unsure of their abilities. The antagonists would be the people who are ignorant and deny amatuer practices. The protagonist helps the characters to regain their confidence by letting them meet the audiences who support ametuer practices.

The protagonist meets a girl who dreams of being a singer on a cruise trip, and they will discuss issues of self confidence during their cruise trip together.

Important scenes:

1. Protagonist hears the singing girl singing. The girl is embarrassed and runs away.

2. Protagonist and singing girl meets again. The girl introduces herself and apologize for running away. She explains her lack of confidence and thus is uncomfortable being heard singing. The protagonist says that no matter the quality, everyone should have the right to sing.

3. At the same night, when the protagonist comes out of the theatre one of the actresses is outside, and people are taking photographs with her. As she finishes the protagonist compliments her. She thanks the protagonist but says that it's normal because that's her job. She then walks away.

4. The next day the protagonist meets the singing girl by chance again. They begin to promise each other to meet everyday on the deck.

5. When the singing girl talks to the protagonist a few days later, she says that being a singer on the cruise must be great. She likes singing, plus working on a cruise enables her to be closer to the sea creatures she likes. In the end of their meeting suddenly the ship starts rolling, and while the girl says she's okay, the protagonist notices that her steps aren't standing properly. When the protagonist returns to her own room, she notices that the ship rolls the whole day and the whole night.

6. The next day the girl didn't show up on time. The protagonist waited for an hour but she still hasn't appeared. The protagonist thinks it is unusual for the girl to abandon her promise, so she goes to the girl's room. With her parents at her side taking care of her, the girl is suffering from a serious ship dizziness. According to her parents her ship dizziness happens every time she is on a ship. They tried to stop her from coming, but since the girl really loves ocean they were unable to stop her either. She is too tired to speak.

7. The next day she feels better and can talk to the protagonist, but she also thinks that she has no chance of being a singer on a cruise if she continues to have ship dizziness. Plus her ability is no where near a professional singer. She is wavering between what she want to do and what she can't do. The protagonist doesn't want to see her depressed and want to let her regain hope and confidence.

8. During the game the protagonist befriends some ametuer musicians or music lovers. She thought that if these people were to put up a mini performance, the girl may be influenced and sing along with the group.

9. When the cruise enters the part of ocean where there is less rolling, the girl gets much better. Then the protagonist puts up the mini band to show her. She is surprised, first by the fact the the protagonist prepares this for her, also by how the people enjoy their own music so much. She is moved and joins the performance as the vocal. By knowing that there are people who like her songs, she feels that she can have the courage to sing in front of people after this day.

10. Time comes when the cruise has to end, and they wave each other good bye without exchanging any contact numbers. They believe if one another gets famous someday, they'll definitely meet again.

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