Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Grad Film Discussion

Vanessa Schwartz

In the beginning sequence where the protagonist is running, it seems like that she is running away from something chasing her, which is not my intention. To make it clear that she is lost in the forest, it may be better to add a scene of her wandering and looking around, for example going into an open space with cut trees. Also it may be a good idea to add the beginning of the rain to indicate her reason for running: to look for a shelter.

Add above scenes only if I have time after the film is finished. Finishing the whole thing is the priority.

Production Schedule must be as detailed as possible. Down to every week and what is going to happen each week.

Martin Rose

The reception is usually located beside the entrance- make the reception desk closer to the front door.
When she goes to the reception, picks up the key and after the candle blows out, it looks like that she has gone into another door deeper inside the hotel, while my intention was to show her trying to open the front door again. Will add a shot of her walking towards the entrance to make this clear.

Purpose of the Game- The protagonist's goal is to get the key of the main entrance. To do so she ventures through each room, and get the key of the next room, and so on. To make it clear that she knows that she can't open a room before she gets the key, add an animation of her trying to open all the other doors but can't. The last door she tries is the only one that she can enter at the moment. This way viewers know that the story is linear; she can't progress to the next stage until one stage is cleared.

The room designs- they look pleasant and doesn't seem threatening. To add more suspense and make it more dramatic, place threats in the rooms. For example, crocodiles in the river, eagles, sharks etc.
Suspension bridge can be much higher. Make her small and high up to create tension.

Camera angles- viewers may lose interest when all they see is a profile angle moving from right to left. Borrow the conventional game angle but not restricted to it. Add cut scenes that shows a different angle.
Consider: first person shooting perspective.

Give the Layers different depth in After Effects to make it more interesting.

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