Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Production Schedule


Dec 15-21: Cleaning the lines and colouring the walkcycle, turn around, picking up item etc.
Dec 22-28: Continuing with the walkcycle: add more key frames, solve scaling issues etc
Dec 29-Jan 4: Watch movies, game videos and animations to learn cinematography. Decide the title of the film (Very Important)

Finish colouring the walkcycle, turn around, picking up item sequence by the end of December


Jan 5-11: Collecting sound materials. Finish the sound design (4-5 minutes). Make a list of all music used for the credit roll
Jan 12- 18: Have the full animatic by this time. Make a list of names for the credit roll
Jan 19-25: Continue to work on backgrounds (at least 2 of them finished)
Jan 26-Feb1: Finishing the backgrounds of the rooms (at least 5 finished by this time)


Feb 2-8: Refine the animation in the animatic
Feb 9-15: Animating in-betweens (at least 5 seconds)
Feb 16-22: Animating in-betweens (at least 5 seconds)
Feb 23-Mar1: Animating in-betweens (at least 5 seconds)


Mar 2-8: Get feedbacks and continue on in-betweens
Mar 9-15: Colouring in-betweens (at least 10 seconds)
Mar 16-22: Colouring in-betweens (at least 10 seconds)
Mar 23-29: Compose a After Effect project of the whole film, Organize the files


Mar 30-Apr 5: Check how is my progress;
if not catching up on schedule, catch up using the beginning of April

Apr 6-12: Render the frame by frame animation in Premiere in high resolution and import them into After Effects. Test render the whole film: version one.
Apr 13-19: Continue to compose the materials using After Effect.
Apr 20-26: Show people what I have now and get feedback.
Apr 27-May 3: Hopefully the film can be finished by this time.


May 4- May 10: Put up an introduction entry for the film on my blog.

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